DALnet Web Hosting Services

Version 1.1.1

Last revised by Arky () on 2005-03-16

Originally written by sTompsy () on 2000-11-25

Please direct any comments or feedback about this document (only! no help requests!) to docs@dal.net. If you need help on issues not covered in this document, please see the information at http://help.dal.net.


This document outlines how DALnet's Web Hosting Services work. It covers both home.dal.net and channels.dal.net.

DALnet allows its users to have their own homepage that is dedicated to their channel for free. Each channel has 5MB webspace allocated to it. The nicknames websites are temporarily suspended (for more information see below).


1 · home.dal.net

DALnet made it easy for its users to have their own website dedicated to their nicknames for free, which were located at home.dal.net. Unfortunately, the home.dal.net free websites became too much of a resource burden to provide at time of last revision. DALnet has made no decisions at this time as to when, or even if, this service will return. The FTP server has been shut down.

2 · channels.dal.net

DALnet users can create webpages dedicated to their channel. Using DALnet's web hosting services, users can create their channel home page and then upload it using a standard FTP client to channels.dal.net. In order to use this service, your channel will have to be at least 14 days registered. Users are allocated 5 MB of web space per channel name for their own personal use. Channel webpages are in the format of http://channels.dal.net/channelname. Note that the # is not used in this format. See section 3 for details on how to connect to DALnet's Web Hosting services.

3 · How to access channels.dal.net

Using your FTP client, connect to channels.dal.net. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. For channels.dal.net, your username is your DALnet channel name (with or without the #) and your password is your DALnet channel's password. If the founder of the channel has exercised the WEBPASSWD command, the password he/she specified with that command must be used in place of the Founder password.

Upon logging in successfully, you will receive the following messages:

D:\>ftp channels.dal.net
Connected to channels.dal.net
220 channels.dal.net NcFTPd Server (licensed copy) ready.
User (channels.dal.net:(none)): dalnethelp
331 User dalnethelp okay, need password.
230-You are user #31 of 50 simultaneous users allowed.
230-Welcome to channels.dal.net's FTP server! Anything you
230-upload here will be available at:
230-Your quota is 5120000 bytes and you've used 171
230-so far.
230 Restricted user logged in.

(The screen-shot shown above was taken from the default Windows FTP client)

A complete list of FTP commands are available from http://www.cs.colostate.edu/helpdocs/ftp.html if you don't wish to use an actual FTP client. See also section 9 for details relating to FTP clients.

4 · Nickname and Channel Expiry

If either your DALnet nickname or channel expires, so too does your web page. For example, if I had a webpage for my channel and my channel expired, my webpage on channels.dal.net would be deleted automatically because of my channel having expired. If my nickname expired, my channel webpage will be removed from channels.dal.net because when a nickname expires, channels owned by that nickname also get dropped.

5 · Help with creating webpages

DALnet staff will not provide any formal assistance with webpage design however channels such as #html may be of use in obtaining technical information regarding the creation of a webpage.

The following websites may be of assistance when writing your HTML code:

6 · HTML Editors

Various HTML Editors are available to assist you with writing you Web page. HTML Editors include:

7 · Naming HTML files

As a rule, the first file that you wish to be displayed from your channels.dal.net/channelname webpage should be saved as index.html. From there, your pages linking from this main page should end in .html or .htm. File names with spaces such as my AOP team.html can sometimes cause problems. Instead, try to use names that do not have spaces and are as short as possible.

8 · Illegal content on Webpages

DALnet does not allow any illegal content on their web-hosting services. As per DALnet's disclaimer, DALnet reserves the right to "view, modify or delete" any content uploaded to the channel web-hosting server. DALnet has the right to deem any content as offensive or illegal at its own discretion. DALnet will delete any offensive or illegal content if necessary.

9 · FTP Clients

There are many types of FTP clients available to users. If you are using Windows/Mac, you may with to use:

Other FTP clients are available from http://www.tucows.com where you can do a search on ftp client and obtain other free FTP clients for Windows/Unix etc.

If you are seeking information regarding various FTP commands, be sure to have a look at the Internet. You will find a lot of sites with excellent sources on this subject, containing all you need to know about FTP commands and their syntax.

10 · Abuse

If you come across any objectionable content that you feel breeches the conditions outlined by DALnet, please email sra@dal.net outlining your concerns. Please note that help channel staff are unable to assist with these matters.

11 · Disclaimer

DALnet reserves the right to view, modify or delete any content uploaded to its server. Illegal mp3 and pirated software uploades will not be tolerated. DALnet also reserves the right to display a single advertisment on the top/bottom or in the guise of a popup window of any webpage hosted on its servers. At present, DALnet is not serving any advertisements however this could change in the future. DALnet also reserves the right to modify this document at any time.