The DALnet Documentation Project

This project was created to assist users with the comprehension of what DALnet is and how it works.

  • Security
  • (Documents for your security on the Internet and on DALnet)
  • New Users
  • (A few tips and tricks for DALnet newbies)
  • DALnet Staff
  • (All you need to know about IRC Operators and more)
  • Nicknames
  • (Nickname management help - NickServ)
  • Channels
  • (Channel management help - ChanServ)
  • Memos
  • (How memos work - MemoServ)
  • Other Docs
  • (Documents that vary from bots to netsplits)
  • Docs Team
  • (The members of our team)
  • DALnet Links
  • (List of other DALnet sites - brief description)
  • Docs News
  • (Updates, projects, news)
  • Credits
  • (Webpage designers)

    For any suggestions, please email us. Please do not send emails for help issues!
    Please note that all the documents can also be viewed in text version at the DALnet FTP site.

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