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Finding a Channel

Now that you can sign onto IRC, where do you go next? The easiest way to find a channel on IRC is via the /list command. It enables you to search through the thousands of channels on DALnet and find one that interests you. The syntax is

/list *subject*

Let's say you wanted to find a channel that dealt with horses; you'd type:

/list *horse*

You would then be provided with a list of channels that all have the word "horse" in their name (for example, #horselovers, #ILoveHorses, and so on). If you wish to register a channel of your own, check our ChanServ page at For an advance help of using the /list command, you can read


1 · Official Channels for assistance

The DALnet Administration and Help Committee have decided to merge our three official help channels (#DALnetHelp, #IRCHelp and #Help) into one channel - #Help. People who join #DALnethelp + #IRCHelp will automatically forward the join to #Help.

1.1 #Help

You can get assistance with general IRC questions, and other topics. Helpers and staff will be more than happy to assist you.

1.2 #Operhelp

IRC Operator assistance channel, if you have any issue with your nick/channel passwords, please /join #Operhelp

2 · Other Help Channels

The following is a listing of the various Help Channels and the topics which they cover.


Help in French


Help in Spanish


Help in Turkish


Help in Arab


Bot/Script Help


Help in Italian


Scandinavian help channel


Mac Help


Virus/Trojan Cleaning Assistance


Help For Unix And Linux Operating System


Help in jmIrc client


Help in Urdu


Help in Web

3 · National Channels

Channels which use languages other than English. Please note that this is only a basic list, and thousands more "alternative language" channels exist on DALnet. The following is a listing with the language spoken in that channel.














Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay




Tagalog, English

#france and #quebec




#mexico and #spain












4 · Gaming Channels

The following is a listing of the various gaming channels.


Play UNO! cards online


Trivia with multi features

5 · Connecting DALnet through Webchat

You can connect to DALnet by *kiwi webclient* and/or DALnet webclient.

By Kiwi:

You can replace *channel-name* with any channel from the above list

For example:

You can also connect through our DALnet Webchat

For other mobile clients please visit for more information.

6 · References

The following URLs are useful documents that may be of interest to you.

1) - Information and application for recommended help channel status.

2) - Channel Development and Security Guide