Newbie Guide to DALnet

Version 1.3.1

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Originally written by Wuher () on 2000-12-11

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IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat, which is a chat system for the Internet. DALnet's services are all donated by companies and individuals to benefit the tens of thousands of people chatting at any given time.


1 · Connecting to IRC

To connect to DALnet, you need an IRC client. Regardless of your operating system, chances are there is at least one IRC client for it. For more information about the wide variety of software you can use to access DALnet, see . If you can't download an IRC client but would like to chat on DALnet, has a java client available for public use.

You can connect to DALnet with an IRC client for your mobile device. ( Here are some applications that will let you connect to DALnet for all kinds of mobile’s Operating Systems. For iOS please check Appendix A , for Android Appendix B , for IRCCloud Appendix C , for qwebirc Appendix D ).

DALnet now offers users the ability to connect via an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack main pool. Previously, if a user wanted to connect via IPv6, they'd be required to use the pool to connect via IPv6 but if they used the pool, the user would be forced to connect using IPv4. DALnet now allows for IPv6 users to connect without manually needing to specify a different pool address in their client.

2 · What makes DALnet special?

DALnet is different from other IRC networks in a variety of ways. The most important difference is DALnet's custom IRC Services: NickServ, ChanServ, and MemoServ. DALnet's services are coded, maintained, and upgraded by our own staff. They are designed to make your chatting experience more enjoyable; for more information about DALnet's services, please visit .

3 · Basic IRC Commands

Connect to an IRC server

/server server :port

(example: /server )

Quit IRC with "message"

/quit message

(example: /quit Bye everyone! )

Enters the specified channel

/join #channel

(example: /join #Help )

Leaves the specified channel

/part #channel message

(example: /part #Help Thanks for the help! )

Performs an action - * YourNick does something

/me action to perform

(example: /me waves to everyone in the channel )

Lists channels matching *subject*

/list *subject*

(example: /list *help* )

It might be worthwhile to note that all IRC commands can be typed into the commandline of your IRC client, though some have "popups" or similar menu features. For help using your IRC client, try a channel with the same name (e.g. #mIRC for mIRC, #pIRCh for pIRCh) or you can try /help in your IRC client.

One of the most frequently asked questions by new users is how to register a nick. This information can be found through .

4 · Finding Help

DALnet has a large number of help channels that deal with a variety of different topics, not all of them necessarily IRC related. Therefore, the first step to finding help is to determine the nature of your problem.

For IRC related problems, it's important to know if it's a DALnet related question or not. We do not help with problems on other networks (getting banned, identd problems, server downtime, etc.). For DALnet related questions it's a good idea to visit #Help .

If you need help in another language, you can visit the document .

5 · DALnet's Official Helpers

An "official helper" is appointed to represent DALnet's IRC community in #Help and other officially designated chatting channels such as #DragonRealm . They are responsible for providing assistance to users with regards to DALnet IRC services commands amongst other subjects. .

Those users designated as "official helpers" are not IRC Operators. They are, in fact, regular DALnet users who volunteer their free time to assist users requiring help, with more resources provided by DALnet staff relating to network services. To find an IRC Operator, please click the following link: .

5.1 Where to find a Helper

All users who volunteer their time to help other users in the official and non-official network help channels are classed as "helpers" with a special status being given to the active staff in #Help . This status is only granted to suitable candidates by the Help Committee and DALnet's Central Administration.

All official DALnet helpers are able to provide readily available assistance to users utilising services' tools. Here is an example of the /whois output for the official helpers

MissPeanut is * Peanut Butter is the best!
MissPeanut on @#help +#dragonrealm
MissPeanut using Micron21, Australia
MissPeanut has identified for this nick
MissPeanut is an official DALnet Helper.
MissPeanut is using a secure connection (SSL)
MissPeanut End of /WHOIS list.

As can be seen above, this user's /whois includes the flag "MissPeanut is an official DALnet Helper" which denotes network helper status.

Note: You can find other official helpers by issuing the command: /motd teams.*

6 · DALnet's IRC Operators

A DALnet IRC Operator assists his or her admin in server maintenance as assigned and helps maintain network stability. IRCops assist users in becoming oriented to the DALnet network, DALnet Services and in the mediation of disputes. They may also participate in various teams as they desire. Please note that DALnet is not a for-profit entity and its staff members are not paid.

For further information about the network's administration, you can visit .

7 · Channel Operators

Persons with the @ symbol in front of their nick are considered channel operators, who can change some channel settings and keep order. They have the ability to forcefully remove someone from a channel, among other things. DALnet does not take part in how any channel is managed, that is up to the channel's ops, and ultimately, the channel's founder. Most ops behave responsibly, but if there are any problems, you should contact the channel's founder. The founder has the final say in how their channel is run. You can find out who is the founder of a channel with any of the following commands:

/chanserv info #channel

/quote chanserv info #channel

/msg info #channel

8 · Security

When using IRC, you should be especially cautious about security. Be very careful when accepting files over IRC, do not share nickname or channel passwords with other users, and make sure to visit if you're using any form of Microsoft Windows.

9 · Conclusion

The DALnet Documentation Team provides many interesting and helpful topics which you may find useful, see for more information.

Appendix A · iOS users (iPhones/iPads/iPod touch)

Traditionally, chat clients on the Mac have been anything but glamorous. Colloquy is an advanced IRC , SILC and ICB client which aims to fill this void. By adhering to Mac OS X interface conventions,Colloquy has the look and feel of a quality Mac application. AppleScript. A powerful dictionary for easy scripting. The Application is up to date, and *NOT* free.

A.1 How to connect to DALnet

1. Download it via App store.

2. Enter the application.

3. Tap Manage.

4. Tap Add New Connection - -> IRC Connection.

5. In the Address field, enter the DALnet server address

6. In the Network Identity field, enter your Nickname and Real Name.

7. Tap Advanced.

a) In the Server Port field, enter the DALnet server port (default 6667, for SSL default 6697).

b) Turn on Use SSL if your DALnet server uses SSL.

c) Turn off Attempt SASL.

d) In the Username field, enter your IRC username/ident.

e) In the Password field, Leave empty.

f) In the Nick Pass field, it is your choice to write down your nickname’s password or leave it empty.

g) In the Encoding field, leave it as it is. (For Arab DALnetizens, change it to Arabic(Windows).

***Arabic(Windows) is an encoding used to write Arabic under Microsoft Windows.****

8. Now go back and tap Connect.

A.2 Where to download Colloquy

From Apps store you can search about Colloquy and download it in your device, or you can find it in their official website

Appendix B · Android users (Samsung Galaxy/HUAWEI/LG/HTC)

AndroIRC is an Android IRC client which can connect to several server at the same time. The application is *FREE* and supports many languages. Please visit for more information.

B.1 How to connect to DALnet

1. Download it via Google/Play store.

2. Once you've installed the app, click on the settings icon and select settings.

3. Tab Nickname and fill in Nickname/ident/Real name fields.

4. Tab Servers and click on the settings icon to add New Server and follow the next instructions.

a) Click on Name and write down DALnet as IRC server name then press OK

b) Click on Address and write down then press OK

c) *Leave port as default*

d) *Leave Password empty*

e) Click on Nickname and write down your IRC nickname

f) Click on Ident and write down your IRC username

*charset is sensitive leave it as it is UTF-8. For Arab DALnetizens change it to windows-1256*

***WINDOWS-1256 is an encoding used to write Arabic under Microsoft Windows.***

5. Now Go back and click on plus(+) upper app page and choose DALnet to connect.

B.2 Where to download AndroIRC

From Google/Play store you can search about AndroIRC and download it in your mobile device, or you can visit their official website for more instructions.

NOTE: All the Previous Mobile Device Applications using the base IRC commands.

Appendix C · IRCCloud

IRCCloud is an IRC client with a future. Stay connected, chat from anywhere, and never miss a message. Sign up for a free account / Pricing. it connects you to DALnet servers, keeps your connection alive, and stores your chat history. You can access it via a modern web browser at , or to their mobile apps.

C.1 connect to DALnet via website

1. Click .

2. You have to sign up by filling:

- Name

- Valid Email address

- Password

***click Sign up to get IRCCloud Email Verification. After you confirm your Email address, follow the next instructions to connect to DALnet :

a) In the Hostname field, you choose DALnet

b) In the identify field, fill the blanks with your nickname and full name

c) press Join Network and Enjoy DALnet

C.2 connect to DALnet via mobile apps ( iOS/Android )

1. Download it via App Store or Google/Play store by searching the name IRCCloud

2. Sign up for an account by filling:

- Name

- Valid Email address

- Password

****click Sign up to get IRCCloud Email Verification. After you confirm your Email address, follow the next instructions to connect to DALnet :

a) In the Hostname field, you choose DALnet

b) In the identify field, fill the blanks with your nickname and full name

c) press Join Network and Enjoy DALnet

C.3 Where to download IRCCloud

Both operating systems can find the application in their applications store.

Appendix D · qwebirc

qwebirc is an easy to use, free and open source IRC client which is available for users to connect to IRC from any web browser on PC and mobile at

D.1 How to connect to DALnet via qwebirc

1. Visit the below website;

2. You need to fill in the following;

- Nickname

- Channel(s) to join

- You can join more than one channel by separating the channel names with a comma (,).

- For example; #docsteam,#help,#new2irc

When connecting using qwebirc, the identd will always automatically be set to ~qwebirc.

***Click the CONNECT button

[10:34] qwebirc v0.93

[10:34] Copyright (C) 2008-2014 Chris Porter and the qwebirc project.


[10:34] Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

[10:34] == Connecting to server, please wait...

[10:34] == *** (qwebirc) Looking up your hostname...

[10:34] == *** (qwebirc) Couldn't look up your hostname!

[10:34] == Logging in, please wait...

[10:34] *** Looking up your hostname...

[10:34] *** Found your hostname

[10:34] *** CGI:IRC host/IP set to

[10:34] == Signed on!

D.2 Basic DALnet Commands

qwebirc is a very basic IRC client and so not all IRC commands are available to use.

All DALnet services commands are accessible through the following;

/msg Help

/msg Help

/msg Help

D.3 General IRC Commands;

/query nickname

/msg nickname message

/list *channel*

/kick nickname *reason*

/me message

/topic #channel topic

/whois nickname

/ignore nickname

Ignored eDdYk0nG; to unignore type /UNIGNORE eDdYk0nG

/unignore eDdYk0nG

Unignored eDdYk0nG.


Shows all of your active ignored list :

Ignore list:

- eDdYk0nG

/mode nickname/channel +/- argm

For more info on a user or channel, please visit;

Please note that when using qwebirc to connect to DALnet (and when opped in a channel), you will only be able to utilise /kick and not /ban due to the latter not being a supported feature.

Left click/tap on the user nickname and you'll see the following available options;








Should you require any further assistance, please join #Help