The DALnet Documentation Project
File Transfer Protocol

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  • DALnet's history and structure
  • General DALnet / IRC tips
  • IRC Operators
  • Finding an IRC operator
  • Services and IRCop Impersonators
  • Netiquette
  • Channel Management Principles
  • Securing Windows against trojans
  • DALnet password guide
  • Getting started with IRC / DALnet
  • Finding a channel
  • Channel Development
  • NickServ Options
  • Nickname registration
  • NickServ access list
  • ChanServ Options
  • Controlling access to your channel
  • Channel eXtended flags
  • MemoServ Options
  • Managing annoyances
  • Miscellaneous IRC Commands
  • Channel and User Modes
  • Ban Guide
  • Bot FAQ
  • Network Splits
  • Common IRC Connection Errors
  • Internet acronyms
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