The DALnet Documentation Project

This project was created to assist users with the comprehension of what DALnet is and how it works.

  • Security
  • (Documents for your security on the Internet and on DALnet)
  • New Users
  • (A few tips and tricks for DALnet newbies)
  • DALnet Staff
  • (All you need to know about IRC Operators and more)
  • Nicknames
  • (Nickname management help - NickServ)
  • Channels
  • (Channel management help - ChanServ)
  • Memos
  • (How memos work - MemoServ)
  • Other Docs
  • (Documents that vary from bots to netsplits)
  • Docs Team
  • (The members of our team)
  • DALnet Links
  • (List of other DALnet sites - brief description)
  • Docs News
  • (Updates, projects, news)
  • Filesdone
  • (Up-to-date tables for the docs files)
  • DALnet Services
  • (DALnet Services Replies and Help files lists)
  • Translator Manual
  • (A manual for translators wannabe)
  • Credits
  • (Webpage designers)

    If you have any suggestions, send us an E-mail at Please do not send emails for help issues. Note that all the documents can also be viewed in text format at the DALnet File Transfer Protocol site.