Greetings, The following new stuff have been added to banguide.html after feedbacks from users: 1) In the section "How To Place Bans", scroll to the last line in the section. Then add the following after the and before the :

You can also add a timed ban where the ban you placed will be removed automatically after a number of seconds specified. For example, if I want to ban the nick Aysmonte for 20 seconds on #fleetstreet, I will type:

/ban -u20 #fleetstreet Aysmonte*!*@*

There's also a command for you to ban kick a user simultaneously rather than typing 2 commands. For example, if I want to ban kick Aysmonte, I will type:

/ban -k #fleetstreet Aysmonte reason

This will place a ban on his IP address/host and kick Aysmonte from the channel.

2) The following is a correction to the "Exception Mode (+e)" section: The first paragraph should read: The +e or exception mode has been introduced when Bahamut 1.8.* was released. The function of this mode is to allow someone who is affected by a ban which was not intended for him/her to join the channel. For example, if I place a ban on the mask *!*@219.94.* on #fleetstreet but I'd like to allow my friend Ting whose mask is Ting!kluv@ into the channel, I would place an exception by typing: The document revision number should be read as 1.2.4. Save your file with the filename banguidexx-1.2.4.xml and parse it. You're done! PJKevin