Open the History File (1a) change: Clones Team (KLine Sub-team) to: Clones Team (Exploits Sub-team) change: Open Proxy Team (KLine Sub-team) to: Open Proxy Team (Exploits Sub-team) change: Security Team to: Security Team (Exploits Sub-team) (1) Go to Growth Chart and after the last line, add the following July 2001 90,000 Stable since January 2002 100,000 Stable since June 2002 140,000 Stable since October 2002 95,000 Stable since March 2003 20,000 Stable since July 2003 30,000 Stable since December 2003 35,000 Stable since February 2004 40,000 Stable since (2) After tag, add the following text:

The decline of users between October 2002 to March 2003 was caused by the Distributed Denial of Services Attacks against the network. Even then, DALnet did not lose its popularity and users returned eventually.

(3) Now change all EB (Executive Board) to Administrative Oversight Board (AOB). Be sure you find all, and dont forget to change to, too. Remove the Events Team. (4) Under KLine, change the header's email to the URL (5) Under Massads Team, remove the second paragraph and add the following:

Due to the recent surge of virii that search websites for email address', the Massads Team only accepts online contact. If you wish to report a spam, please visit; make sure a time-stamped and dated log and the /whois of the spammer is included.

Search for "" and repace it everywhere with: including header of the Mass Ads Team. (5) Make the following changes to "Some of the People who have helped make DALnet what it is " gamma: Add the sentence "Currently an SRA member." lucas: Change the first sentence "Former Leader of Coders Team." Raistlin_Majere: Add "KLine, Routing and Testnet Administration member." after "Coder for Bahamut." Toolman: Add the sentence "SOp on #DALnetHelp." That's about all the current changes to the History document. Translate them well and save the version file number as historyxx-1.0.2 (Where xx is your country's domain). Happy translating PJKevin