Greetings, The following is a new MemoServ feature that tells you the number of characters of a memo you have exceeded and by how many characters you should reduce them. Firstly, open memoserv.xml and scroll to the section 2 (Sending Memos). Scroll to the end of the section and add the following as the new last paragraph in that section:

Each memo you send may not exceed the 255 characters limit. If you exceed the limit, MemoServ will reply telling you how many characters you should reduce. Below is an example if I send a memo of 288 characters to someone. It tells me that I have to reduce the length by 33 characters before I can send it.

-MemoServ- Memos can be no longer than 255 characters. Your memo was 288 characters long. Please shorten it by 33 characters. No change in version number required. Translate and parse the xml document and you're done! :) Regards, PJKevin