update for 1.5.0 Please find: +e

+e stands for except which excepts users from the channel who match a hostmask in the banlist allowing them to join. When a hostmask is set in the except list,the mode +e overrides the ban on the user that matches the hostmask.


/mode #channelname +/-e [hosts]


/mode #peanutbutter +e PJKevin!*@*.my

In the above example, let's say there is an existing ban is set with the hostmask *!*@*.my. PJKevin's hostmask is PJKevin!kevin@brk32-kj.jaring.my. PJKevin will be able to join #peanutbutter because he has an exception with the mask PJKevin!*@*.my.

Note: Please note that this mode does not override akicks set in the channel.

Under this add: +h

A channel half operator is designated by the % next to their nick. This % translates into the giving and removal of the +h mode.


/mode #channelname +/-h nickname(s)


/mode #docsteam +hh-h MissPeanut PeanutButterLover CheekyBrat

A channel half-op has the ability to kick people from the channel unless the people are opped or voiced. In addition, they are able to change channel topic.

Thanks :)