Greetings, RECOVER- last paragraph should read: After using RECOVER, your nick will be held. To regain your nick, you will need to use the RELEASE command which is discussed below. RELEASE An enforcer is a temporary hold of a nickname within 60 seconds (provided that the ENFORCE option for that nick is turned on). The user's nick will be changed to Guest***** and the nick will be held. Nicks being held in this manner cannot be used. A person attempting to use a held nick will receive an error message. Below is an example of the error message: PeanutButterLover The nick PeanutButterLover is currently being held by a Services Enforcer. If you are the nicks owner, use /msg RELEASE PeanutButterLover password to release the nickname. If thenickname recently expired, please wait patiently and try again later. [PeanutButterLover] /nickserv release nickname [password] Example: /nickserv release PeanutButterLover /nickserv release PeanutButterLover ILovePeanutButter If the release command alone fails to return your nick, use the recover command (section 4.2) and repeat the release command. Once done, you may use your nick by typing /nick yournickname. As with the GHOST and RECOVER commands, it is not always necessary for you to include the nickname password. Matching an access list entry will suffice. Once done, save the file as nickservxx-1.1.2.xml and you're done :) Regards, PJKevin