Greetings, 1) In the Introduction section, find the paragraph that reads: DALnet nickname (nick) registration is now a two-step process. An email address has to be set for nicknames. Nickname registrations that have not been confirmed through email or IRC will expire within 24 hours. It's therefore very important to set a valid email address. Change 24 hours to 72 hours. 2) In the Changing Your Email Address section, find the paragraph that reads: Please note that the email change will not take effect until you complete it with a new authorization code that will be sent to the the nick email address. Changing an email address is a two-stage process. When an email address change is requested, an email will first be sent to the current address. This email will explain that an address change was requested and give you the opportunity to abort the change within 48 hours. If the change is not aborted after 48 hours, an confirmation email will be sent to the new address, allowing the user to complete the change. Change 48 hours to 72 hours for both. 3) In the Privileges of a Completely Registered Nickname section, find the bullet that reads: You can log into and create a website at Delete "and create a..." 4) a) After the sentence "As mentioned previously, your email security is your responsibility. ", add the following in the same paragraph: DALnet is not responsible for spam messages or stolen passwords due to the negligence of the owner. Although using SHOWEMAIL has its advantages if you have forgotten the email and the password and you want to use SENDPASS, your people can see your email address and may send you spam mail. If you share your email account with someone else, that someone can get your nick password. Strictly speaking, passwords are confidential and should not be shared. b) Go to the last paragraph and find the sentence that reads: Logically, addresses will not be tolerated, since your nick password is required to access your email. Delete this sentence and replace it with: However, it is safe not to use these free accounts due to the security threat that may arise. Translate the file into your own language and save it as nsemailxx-2.2.3.xml and you're done! Regards, PJKevin